Tipfords Terms and Conditions.


We are happy to send 8cm x 8cm actual copper samples out. Because our copper samples are handmade and costly, we charge £5 per sample. This fee will be deducted from your final invoice if you place an order. Due to the fact that all of our products are handcrafted, colours and textures will vary.


Ordering, Payments, and Returns


Process to order and get started

The best way to get started is to send us drawings with all the measurements by email. All of our items are made one at a time to custom sizes. We will send you a formal quote by email with all of your specifications for you to sign and return before we start the project. 


When can you expect delivery?

Depending on size and complexity, some items may take several weeks of fabrication. Hand-making a custom copper product takes time. It is important that we always make sure it’s perfect before we ship anything to our clients. Because we are a small custom shop, our lead times vary depending on how many orders we have scheduled. We fabricate products in the order that they were received, and typically we vary around 6 weeks of lead time. If you have a special circumstance where you need a project rushed quicker, let us know and we’ll see if we can shuffle a few projects around to expedite your order. If we provide you with a rough eta on your product, remember that this is only estimation, not a guarantee. We will never rush to finish a product at the expense of quality. We would rather take an extra day or two to make sure everything is perfect.


Please note that by nature copper will never have a perfect finish. You will always have small scratches and dents in the worktop- this can be caused during the manufacturing process but often these scratches and dents are on the original copper coil that we receive. 


Payment and warranty

We require a 50% down payment on your order before we start and the final 50%, 7 days before installation.

If there is anything that is not consistent to your signed sales order, we will rectify the problem by repair, replacement or refund as we deem appropriate. We reserve the right to have the opportunity to repair the item before we authorise a return.

Please note that until full payment is made it remains the property of Tipfords.

In addition, it is best to inspect the product before it is installed. We will stand by our work after it is installed but will not pay for removal or re-installation charges.

Any complaints or problems with the order must be raised on the day of installation or you will incur additional call out charges. If we have to complete any additional works onsite which were not included in the original signed order and that are but not exclusively due to issues related to other onsite trades. For example joins not meeting or cabinets not sitting flush we will do our best to help. This however is at your own risk and we are not responsible for any issues that may occur going forward. 



Once you have given us a 50% down payment and everything is signed and finalised, we do not accept cancellations.


Refunds and returns

We make each of our products one at a time to your specifications. We will continue to keep you informed of your order as it is in production. We do not issue refunds on our products if everything is manufactured to your specifications on the signed sales order.

When you sign the sales order, we will make your product according to the specifications discussed and written on the order.


Please be aware that all copper products have a finish that is by nature variable in colour and pattern. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the change in colour of our items, as they are a natural product with a living finish. Therefore, all sales of our products are made with the understanding that copper as-is basis regarding all aspects of the finish. All of our custom copper products are handmade and welded. If you are expecting the look of a typical stamped or CNC manufactured product, we do not manufacture that way. It is not possible to make a custom product in the sizes and variations that we do, and press them or form them seamless. We will weld, grind, backfill, and re-grind all seams to a near seamless view. Though, you may be able to see the seams with the naked eye. 


Copper characteristics and copper products care


Tipfords provides a "living finish” on your copper product, and we love the fact that copper can and will change over time, just keep it how it is, and let the everyday normal use and environment to allow the copper to continue to patina and add to its uniqueness over time. Copper under normal environments especially inside, will continue to turn bronze and darken over time, and will not turn green unless acidic products come in contact with the copper.

Clients that fall in love with a copper finish, and want it to stay that way forever have a few options. We recommend not using any chemicals or abrasives to clean your copper. Also, certain acidic or basal foods will also get to the copper and cause different speeds of oxidation at the points of contact, and will change the patina colour to a colour that will depend on the type of chemical. The best way to keep care of this copper is to wash with mild dish soap and warm water (not hot) and pat dry after every use. Water spots or other spots that are not rinsed and patted dry can cause a spot on the copper. 

The good thing about the copper finish is that it is always fixable, even for the client. If you get a spot or scratch, it can be lightly sanded with a scotch brite pad, and will re-patina itself and blend back in. You can also provide your own patina on your copper product and we would be happy to give you advice on how. If you get a scratch or stain in a stainless steel, or even granite or marble sink or countertop, the only way to get it fixed is to hire a professional to come and grind, sand, and polish this back out for you. Spots or scratches on copper are extremely easy to repair. Actually a scratch or spot will over time re-patina itself whether you sand it out or not. Also, remember that hammered and/or darker patina products will help hide and blend in any scratch, ding, or spot, whereas a smooth and lighter product will show these more.