Moving and Relocating


So you have finally decided on an area and secured your dream home and then comes the ordeal of moving. 

Dont panic we are here to help! We will organise the movers, help you pack up, transfer accounts and services and take out the insurance so all you have to do is sip the champagne and relax. 

We will even help you unpack at the other end and set up the wifi so you can hit the ground running or relaxing which ever you prefer.

If relocating from within the UK or abroad it is not just the house that needs taking care of. We can advise on schools, set up for private visits or register you for open days depending on the time of year. We can also set you up with a new area guide so you have all the information you might need to hand. 


Our fees are dependent on your brief but if these services are taken along side a purchase or rental agreement there is a significant discount.