Kitchen Planning: 13 Top Storage Ideas for Domestic Heaven

Take a look at this article written by Cheryl Freedman about practical and stylish ideas to organise your kitchen. We are very excited that one our Kitchens made the cut!

Make shelves work hard
"Open-plan shelving can be practical as well as good-looking: the key is not to overcrowd it, which means being ruthless about binning or giving away those unloved glasses and plates. Here, a wide grid of white-painted shelves provides a home for wine glasses, plates and cookery books; separate cubbyholes also create a spot for the kettle, microwave and coffee machine."

Tipfords in the Press

As copper is becoming more and more in trend you can now find us featured in Elle Decorating Magazine and in the lovely new Houzz Uk website!

If you have something you would like us to make in copper get in touch! We are always keen to try something new so if you can think it we will try and make it for you. 



Its nearly Christmas

Its a busy time of year and the kitchen is in use more and more for cooking and entertaining. 

If your thinking about a change- consider Copper!

Give us a call and arrange a visit to see our Copper worktop in action... 

Its not too late to order you Copper or Zinc worktop at this years prices and we will install in the first 3 months of 2014.  Just choose your date.



The Self Cleaning Worktop!

Copper works as a broad spectrum antimicrobial, with the ability to kill a wide variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The copper will work indefinitely, constantly disinfecting the surface.

Not only is it practical for a family kitchen it looks the part too! 

We supply worktops throughout London and Surrey with prices starting at £580 per linear meter includes all materials and labour. 


Bespoke Kitchens in Surrey

At Tipfords we make Bespoke kitchens at affordable prices. We understand that the best in not always the most expensive. Tipfords creates unique kitchens in Surrey and London by using different suppliers including Magnet, John Lewis, Ikea, Hand Crafted Kitchens and mixes them with our craftsmanship and design to create  truly Unique and Affordable Kitchens throughout London and Surrey. 

Don't believe us? Come take a look for yourself at our own Kitchen in Sunbury Village, Surrey.

Copper Worktops

We are now able to provide our beautiful copper worktops throughout the UK. Our carpenter makes our copper worktops in our workshop in London and then can fit them on site throughout the UK.

Our Copper worktops come in widths up to 900mm and is not restricted by length. You can have a single run of worktop as long as you would like without any joins! The substrate is made in our London workshop and then the Copper is fitted on site which takes a couple days to set. 

You will be surprised at how affordable our Copper Worktops can be- prices are based on the Meter and start from £580 per meter. 

Because our Copper Worktops are made on site and delivered throughout the UK we can avoid any tricky access issues and can work around the rest of your build.

Give us a call today for a quote! 





A Perfect Worktop?

We have just installed a copper worktop in our kitchen. Copper is very popular in domestic kitchens in America but here in the UK it is usually just found in pubs and restaurants. 

Copper has been proven to be a broad spectrum antimicrobial, effective against the headline-making organisms threatening public health today – so perfect for a family kitchen.

However it is not for everyone- it is very soft and easily scratches. Everyday it has new staines and marks but for me it adds to the quality of the worktop. I love seeing how it changes with time.  

Worth considering if you ask me especially as it does not break the bank! 

Great New Family Space...

Very excited, we have just finished a lovely project for our riverside home in Lower Sunbury. The family really wanted a practical and flexible space, in the day to be well used by the kids and in the evening a intimate space to entertain. It was not easy but we did it! By only using drawers under the counter we made the most of the space. The open shelves made it feel more like a piece of furniture rather then just another fitted kitchen.

Cant wait to see how it tests with two active kids....